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Gain Exposure/Fame. You can promote yourself, your website, book, product, and/or services on every guest post you write for (Products and services subject to approval.)

Longer guest posts are eligible for more links. See "Links" below.

Link Building. Submitting guest posts with a link to your website provides natural, organic link building for your site. Search engines like Google use these links to estimate your website's authority when ranking search results. The more links to your site, the better!

Invest in Others. While researching any topic is certainly an investment in your own education, you are also investing in others by sharing your unique perspective.


Be Original. The guest post you submit should be your original content, not submitted anywhere else on the web or taken from somewhere offline. Exception: Pages uploaded to your own website are acceptable as long as it is your original content.

Focus on Adding Value. Quality is the most important aspect of an article. The more valuable a guest post is to readers, the more it will spread online.

Length. Quality is more important than length, but the minimum length is 500 words. Longer articles always perform better, so if you can write an in-depth guest post over 800 words then your guest post will get more views. The best performing guest posts are 1,000 to 2,000 words. Longer guest posts are eligible for more links. See "Links" below.

Your Bio and Picture. Please provide your name and a short description of yourself, with a maximum of 100 words, to be included at the bottom of your guest post. Your picture and name will also appear at the top of the guest post.

Picture (recommended): Your face in your picture should be at least 70 pixels from hairline to chin. A larger picture is better (we can resize).

Links. (Important) Please provide up to two links to your website to be included at the top and bottom of your guest post. Your name at the top will generally lead to your website's home page, while the other links you provide will be added to your bio at the bottom. Required: If you are posting an article from your website, then a link to your original article is required. No affiliate links allowed, but links to your book, product, and/or service are acceptable.

Guest posts longer than 800 words are eligible for more than two links. If your guest post is less than 800 words and if you are re-publishing an article from your blog or website, then your two links are by default your home page and the original article. If you are posting a unique guest post specifically for, then your two links could be your home page and your book/product. If the guest post is longer than 800 words then you can include up to five links.

Limit Self Promotion. There should be no self-promotion in the guest post itself. Your name and website links at the top and bottom of the guest post are for self-promotion. The guest post should be high quality content only.


Electronic Publishing Rights. By submitting a guest post, you agree that will hold the digital publishing rights to the guest post. This includes the right to publish your guest post in other digital formats, such as an ebook on online stores like Amazon. If your guest post is included in an ebook, your bio information will also be included as it is on the site.

Lead Image. A lead image selected by may be included at the beginning of the guest post. If you have an image that you hold the copyright to, then you can submit that for consideration.

Editing. As is common when publishing in a magazine, your guest post may be edited if there are issues with the title, grammar, format, syntax, etc. Additional information may also be included if it enhances the guest post.

Selection and Timing. Please note that submission of a guest post does not guarantee publication. Please allow up to two weeks to be contacted about your guest post submission. In addition, any link inclusions are subject to approval.

Include Email Address. Please remember to include your email address in order to be contacted. If you do not include your email, there is no way to contact you.


Promote and Share. After publication, share your guest post with your friends and network. If you are submitting a guest post you have already published on your website, then please include a link to the featured article on your original post as "Featured on Invest Grow Repeat" (and link specifically to your featured article when we provide the link).

Business/Website Relevance. This is a business-orientated website. Please only submit guest posts related to business or website topics, such as success, SEO, marketing, advertising, ebooks, investment, stock trading, management, accounting, economics, statistics, etc. Success is a topic the reaches into the self-help and life hacks categories which are acceptable when related to being successful financially.

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