Creating a Successful Online Sales Funnel

Money Dollars Cyclone Creating a Successful Online Sales Funnel

Creating a successful online sales funnel is easier than it may seem, given the right strategy. The primary goal of a sales funnel is to provide a clear path for every visitor to follow in order to purchase a product or service. Ideally, you want your entire website to be one large sales funnel.

The process begins with your online content (which is likely the reason why the visitor ended up at your page), followed by a relevant product, a benefits-orientated sales page, and a clear call to action.

Starting with Valuable Content

Valuable content is the key to getting organic search engine traffic, as well as allowing a website to take advantage of social media and other sharing platforms. The more perceived value of an article, the more likely visitors will spread the content throughout the internet through social media, discussion board, forums, etc.

To an extend, value and length go together. A short article is unlikely to be as valuable as an information-packed longer article. Both search engines and visitors prefer longer articles, but quality is the most important characteristic. While longer content tends to be more successful at converting visitors into buyers, a lengthy low-quality article will always under-perform a short high-quality article.

The goal should be to provide high-quality content, and a lot of it. Once you get to the sales portion of the page, where you recommend a relevant product or service, visitors will be more likely to trust your recommendations the more time they've spent with you.

Relevant Product or Service

An essential key to producing an effective sales funnel is to ensure that products and services are relevant to the content. Someone searching about babies is unlikely to buy a wrench. However, diapers or maternity services are relevant products for this topic.

Also, every page should have a link to a relevant product or service. Ideally, you want this link to be the logical call to action at the bottom of the page. If you have multiple products that are relevant to the content, then you can recommend them throughout an article wherever it makes sense.

One of the major steps of a successful online sales funnel is for every visitor to have access to a relevant product from any page. Any visitor who arrives at your website with no immediate access to a product, or newsletter sign-up form, has not entered your sales funnel. This kind of website traffic is not much different from the traffic that visits competitor websites.

Benefits-Orientated Sales Page

For some writers, a sales page may be irrelevant if all the products offered are affiliate products, because typically affiliates design their own sales page. Sometimes developing your own sales page can be useful, especially if you have personally used the product. However, it is often better to leave the actual selling to the product and service providers.

If it is your product, then having a sales page will be essential to making the sale. Visitors want to know how the product benefits them. They don't care about features. They want to know what needs or wants the product satisfies, or what problem it solves. The more information you provide about the benefits and the more potential objections you address, the more likely the visitor will purchase.

Clear Call to Action

A clear call to action is simply telling visitors what to do and why it will benefit them. The call to action can be involved in multiple parts of this process. For example, it is a call to action when telling visitors to click on a link to learn more about a product. It is also a call to action when actually encouraging visitors to buy the product.

Reminding visitors of how the product will satisfy their needs or wants, or how it will solve a problem, is how to make a call to action effective. To make it clear, simply tell visitors exactly what to do.

Article: Online Marketing with AIDA: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action

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