30+ Free Online Directories for Backlinking and Link Building

Free Online Directories Link Exchange Backlink Network

The following is a list of free online directories for backlinking and link building. All of these directories have free options for linking to your website, although some may require you to reciprocate the link. This is no different than a typical link exchange.

Some of these free online directories request that you register in order to add your website. This is worth the effort! You will get your website accepted very quickly if you are a registered user.

Most of these free online directories take several months to accept your submission, although you can either reciprocate the link (they will tell you if this is an option) or pay money to speed-up the review process.

First, if you want to submit your URL on Invest Grow Repeat, follow these steps:

In the form below, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter your email address (if you want to be notified of link exchange acceptance)
  2. Submit your Website URL
  3. Include the URL where you link to InvestGrowRepeat.com

Submit URL for Link Exchange

Note: Failure to provide a reciprocal link to InvestGrowRepeat.com will result in no link exchange. Link to InvestGrowRepeat.com on your website and provided the location URL in the reciprocal link box below. If you link to InvestGrowRepeat.com in the footer of your homepage as "Featured on Invest Grow Repeat" we will do likewise.

Important Reminder:

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  • Link to InvestGrowRepeat.com

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Free Online Directories: Requiring Registration

These free online directories requiring registration are listed first because your website will be listed either immediately or within a few days. I highly recommend you backlink with these sites first since the other free options may take months to be added to the directory.

Free Link Directory xysyst.net

DMOZ IN Online Free Directory

On Top List Directory (Requires HTML graphic to be placed on your site.)

Wiki D Web Free Directory

These three sites do not actually require registration, but your submission will be added very quickly:

Scrub the Web

Vision Web Directory

Vision Web SEO Free Online Directory

Free Online Directories: Offering Reciprocal Linking

A few of these free online directories require that you link exchange in order to accept your submission, whereas some simply offer it as another free option that speeds-up the review process. You only have to backlink to the directory on one page, and it doesn't need to be your homepage most of the time. You can just pick a random page and add all these links to the bottom.

Note: Do not delete the link after you create it, because some of these websites check your link location every few weeks to make sure it is still there. If you delete it, then they will delete your listing.

1Abc Free Directory

BusinessSeek.biz Directory

Submission4U Free Directory

Suggest URL - Submit A Site

LinkPedia Web Free Directory

Nipao Free Directory

SEO friendly UK Web Directory

WWWi.co.uk Online Free Directory

Free Online Directories for Backlinking and Link Building

This list of free online directories only require that you click "Submit link" or some similar button. You do not need to register and most do not offer benefits for link exchanging. The review process is typically anywhere from several weeks to several months for these free directories. But the most important thing to remember is that these are easy links to obtain on your link building journey.

DMOZ Free Online Directory

SoMuch Free Directory

VIE Search Free Online Directory

Cipinet.com Free Link Directory

Pro Link Directory

Gain Web Free Directory

Elite Sites Directory

9 Sites Online Free Directory

Synergy Directory

24/7 Web Directory

Pi Series Free Online Directory

PR3 Plus Free Online Directory

The Net Directory

Free Link Directory

10 Directory

Royal Link Up Free Online Directory

Green Stalk Free Online Directory

Info Listings Free Online Directory

Gimpsy Free Online Directory

After you have submitted your website to these free online directories, it is time to move onto doing link exchanges by emailing webmasters in your niche.

How Important is Link Exchange?

Building backlinks is the most important thing you can do to get traffic to your website, because search engines like Google heavily rely on these backlinks to indicate the authority of your website.

A one-page website with a thousand links will get more visitors (assuming it's a high demand keyword), than a thousand page website with no links.

Think about that for a second.

These backlinks are super important to ranking well at search engines. If you have a website with at least 30 to 50 pages, yet you are seeing less than 200 visitors per day then your problem is probably a lack of backlinks.

After you have listed your website at these free online directories, it's time to link exchange and then eventually syndicate content (guest post) to access authoritative sites. You can also submit a guest post on Invest Grow Repeat.

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