Nursing School Programs:

List of Nursing School Programs -

Looking for a rewarding career high in demand and with high starting pay? Then becoming a registered nurse is for you!

According to the US Government Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nursing field is growing much faster than average with median pay above $32 per hour. These results are partly due to the fact that the nursing field is continually transforming into an increasingly advanced healthcare profession.

The following is a list of nursing school programs (ASN/ADN, BSN, BSN Accelerated, RN to BSN, MSN, RN to MSN) organized by state and topic. Find a nursing program in your state, or see a list of programs offering a particular option, such as online or nursing informatics. Each school has basic information listed about their program, including:

  • Prerequisites (GPA, SAT/ACT, TEAS scores, etc.)
  • Concentrations (MSN degrees)
  • Accreditation
  • Location
  • Length of Program

Nursing School Programs by State

Each state page has the majority of the accredited nursing programs listed, organized by type of program:

  • BSN
  • BSN Accelerated
  • RN to BSN
  • MSN
  • RN to MSN

Why only accredited nursing schools? Because accreditation guarantees you will receive the education and experience you need to pass your state's licensing test. Accreditation means you will be doing your clinicals in a hospital rather than a museum (We wish that was a joke!). Anyone can create an educational program and call it a nursing program, but the only way to guarantee the quality of that program is accreditation by ACEN or CCNE.

Florida Nursing School Programs

Georgia Nursing School Programs

Illinois Nursing School Programs

Indiana Nursing School Programs

Kansas Nursing School Programs

Kentucky Nursing School Programs

Missouri Nursing School Programs

Nebraska Nursing School Programs

North Carolina Nursing School Programs

Ohio Nursing School Programs

Oklahoma Nursing School Programs

Pennsylvania Nursing School Programs

South Carolina Nursing School Programs

Tennessee Nursing School Programs

Texas Nursing School Programs

Disclaimer: Nursing schools sometimes change their prerequisites and other information. Accreditation is also renewable, which means nursing schools can lose their accreditation. While we attempt to keep all information up-to-date, the most reliable source of information is the actual nursing school website (links are provided). This website is for information purposes only and currently has no affiliation with any particular nursing school.

Nursing Abbreviations: Quick Reference

Abbreviations for Degrees and Titles

  • ASN/ADN = Associate of Science in Nursing / Associate Degree in Nursing
  • BSN = Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • MSN = Master of Science in Nursing
  • CNA = Certified Nursing Assistant
  • LPN = Licensed Practical Nurse
  • RN = Registered Nurse
  • NP = Nurse Practitioner (Masters/Doctorate degree level education)
  • CNS = Clinical Nurse Specialist (Masters/Doctorate degree level education)

College Assessment Exams

  • ACT = American College Testing program (Undergraduate college entrance exam)
  • SAT = Scholastic Aptitude Test (Undergraduate college entrance exam)
  • TEAS = Test of Essential Academic Skills
  • HESI A2 = Health Education Systems Inc. Admission Assessment
  • GRE = Graduate Record Examination (Graduate college entrance exam)

Accreditation Agencies

  • ACEN = Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing
  • CCNE = Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education

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