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Earning money online has become big business, and not just for companies, but for individuals too. These online business entrepreneurs are discovering that making money online is easy if you have the right strategy.

For the individual entrepreneur, the most effective strategy is to build a niche website in order to get specific types of visitors, and then display relevant advertisements and affiliate products. For example, someone searching about dog breeds is much more likely to buy dog-related products than someone searching for car reviews.

People are searching for anything and everything on the internet, seeking out answers to their questions. The websites that supply those answers make the money.

Online Business Entrepreneur Strategy

This online business entrepreneur strategy is simple: create a website related to a topic you know a lot about (grilling, sewing, dog-training, crafts, etc.), and generate targeted visitors who will be interested in your topic-related advertisements. This is an information-based business:

Information-Business: Content Visitors Sales Income

In this online business model, more targeted traffic means more income. And not just supplemental income, but quit-your-job income. People are supporting their families on website-generated income.

Best of all, this is passive income. Once you finish your website, the money keeps on coming. If you want to grow your income, you only need to write more pages to generate more targeted traffic.

How to Get Started as an Online Business Entrepreneur

Owning a website costs a relatively inexpensive $15 to $30 per month (domain and hosting fees, up to $360 per year), which is a cheap expense compared to most business start-up costs.

That's less than $1 a day.

But turning your website into an income-generating machine can take a lot of time if you don't know what you are doing.

  • What topics are people searching for?
  • How do you build and publish a website?
  • What steps are necessary to create a successful online business?

Most website hosting companies only offer a place to put your website and nothing more. No software, no keyword search tools, no help.

However, one company does include website-building software, keyword search tools, and a step-by-step guide for building a niche website all for the same cost as just "hosting" your website elsewhere.

Getting More Than Just Hosting for the Same Cost

SiteSell provides all these services for the same cost as other companies who only provide hosting. This is their advantage over the competition.

Providing a higher-quality service at the same cost gives them an edge that cannot be easily copied by competitors. In addition, their business is helping you be successful at your business. If they make you successful, then they benefit from your life-long repeat business.

This recommendation comes from personal experience and a sincere appreciation of SiteSell's services. This website was built using the software and tools provided by SiteSell. Learn more about them at SiteSell's website.

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