Organic Link Building Strategies:
Syndication (Guest Posts) and Link Exchange

SEO Process Organic Link Building Strategies: Syndication and Link Exchange

In the SEO world, syndicate or syndication is organic link building by submitting guest posts to other websites with a link back to your own website. Ideally, your website will eventually get truly natural links by other webmasters linking to your content. However, when your website is still young (less than 5 years old with less than 200 pages), syndicating your own content is a valid and effective way of creating pathways for visitors to travel from numerous sites spread over the web directly to your website.

Imagine your website as a small city with numerous highways and interstates connecting the vastness of the world directly to you.

The reason link building is important is because search engines like Google are exploring the depths of the web, and they are able to see all these connections from other websites to you. Search engines often use this information to determine the value and reputation of your website.

First, if you want to submit your URL on Invest Grow Repeat for a link exchange, follow these steps:

In the form below, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter your email address (if you want to be notified of link exchange acceptance)
  2. Submit your Website URL
  3. Include the URL where you link to

Submit URL for Link Exchange

Note: Failure to provide a reciprocal link to will result in no link exchange. Link to on your website and provided the location URL in the reciprocal link box below. If you link to in the footer of your homepage as "Featured on Invest Grow Repeat" we will do likewise.

Important Reminder:

  • No Affiliate Links
  • Link to

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

Why Link Building with Duplicate Content is Bad

When you syndicate your website, you should always produce unique content, or at least heavily modify content you've already written. While producing unique content may be more time-consuming than simply copying what you have already published on your website, avoiding the consequences is worth the extra time.

When a search engine like Google notices there is duplicate content (and it will notice), there is a decent chance that one of the pages will be de-indexed from search results. If the duplicate content from your website is de-indexed, then search engine traffic will be unable to go directly to your page from the search results. If the guest post is de-indexed, then search traffic will be unable to arrive at your website from the guest post. Essentially, link building with duplicate content does little to benefit your website.

The only benefit of link building with duplicate content is potentially sending visitors to your website who find your guest post by exploring the other website. However, the majority of website visitors do not explore sites in-depth. If you are comfortable with only receiving traffic this way, then maybe guest posting with duplicate content isn't so bad. However, guest posting with unique and original content, that has not been posted elsewhere, provides superior benefits for everyone.

One benefit is that when visitors find your unique guest post on another website, it is not at the cost of your original content being de-indexed from the search results. In addition, the unique content also benefits the host website, which encourages them to continue publishing your guest posts (allowing more organic link building).

Essentially, unique and original guest posting allows you to link build without affecting the reputation of your website or other websites where you are syndicating your content. For this reason, unique guest posts are an effective organic link building strategy.

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Even though there are cons to link building with duplicate content, we accept articles that have only been published on your blog.

Benefits and Cautions of Website Link Exchange

A link exchange generally involves emailing other webmasters and asking them to provide a link to your website on theirs, and vice versa. (Learn more about Successful Link Exchange.) While this strategy involves little effort, the response rate is very poor and your emails may be marked as spam. If you have enough emails marked as spam, you can get into legal trouble, depending on the country you live in. Yes, it is illegal in many countries to send unwanted solicitations and to spam others.

Link exchanging is also less effective than syndicating content, because a link exchange provides links without context or content. In order to give the link context, the other website will need to include your link on one of their pages. This gives you no control over the context of the post. Your link might be included in a poorly written page, which can have negative consequences on your site's reputation by both search engines and visitors.

By syndicating your own unique content, you have control over the context of the link, and the response to your attempts to link build will be much more positive. Which kind of email would you prefer to receive?

  • Put my link on your website, and I'll put yours on mine, OR
  • Here is a high-quality content post for you to publish on your website as a guest post. Please include a link to my website in the post.

The first kind of email does not really benefit the other website, especially if they already have a high reputation. Exchanging links will not benefit them unless your website is also highly ranked. The truth is that no highly ranked website is going to exchange links with a small or young website for free. You placing a link to their site provides no benefit to them when they are already well established.

However, the second email is much more likely to result with your link being published, because you wrote them a quality page for them to publish on their site. Essentially, you are paying for a link with a high-quality content page.

Best Link Building Strategy

To summarize, the best way to link build is definitely through unique guest posts. This kind of link building gives you control over the context of the link, increases the success rate of your link building, prevents you losing search engine traffic by having your duplicate content de-indexed, and improves both your site's reputation and theirs. Putting it in bulletins, this is the best way to link build because it gives you:

  • Control of Context
  • High Success Rate
  • Avoid De-Indexing
  • Improved Site Reputation (Yours and Theirs)

Why spend hundreds of hours failing to link build, and having your email marked as spam, when you can spend that time writing quality content that builds reputable links on reputable websites. Syndicating ushers you in to the high reputation network of these mega sites.

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