How to Sell Online with the Marketing Mix

Product Price Promotion Place Sell Online with the Marketing Mix

A website is one of the best ways to combine the marketing mix of product, price, place, and promotion all in one entity. The goal of marketing is to have the right product, at the right price-point, in the right place, with the right promotion. If you're struggling to sell a product on your website, consider the following recommendations based on the marketing mix.

Marketing Mix for Websites: Right Product

Websites are typically information-based and customers often discover websites through information searches. Therefore, the right product will heavily depend on the content of the website. It is all about having a relevant product. A visitor to your website might be surprised to find baby clothes advertised on your do-it-yourself car website. Likewise, a visitor might be surprised to find a car catalog or radiator advertised on your baby stories website.

You need to find the right products that match the content of your website. What are people who search for this subject interested in purchasing? What products add value to people interested in this category?

Effective Idea: If your content or branding is unique, certain specialized products universally sell well, such as T-shirts related to the content.

Marketing Mix for Websites: Right Price

Price is essential to being successful in business. If you are an affiliate, then the price has already been set. However, if you have your own product, establishing the right price-point will be essential and largely determined by your visitors. If you are confident you have the right product, but you are not selling then you may have the wrong price.

In the modern world, money is the means by which we establish value. If the price is higher than the perceived value, then potential customers will not buy. If the price is too low, then customers will have a reduced perceived value assuming that a cheap price indicates low quality.

If your product is similar to competitor products, then you will likely need to match the overall market price. While you may think your sales ebook is unique, customers will perceive your sales ebook as similar to all the other plethora of sales ebooks available in the market. Therefore, if you attempt to price higher, without communicating why your product is more valuable, then customers will not buy. If you price too low, then customers will assume low quality and will not buy.

Generally, competitors who do command a higher price are able to do so due to reputation or prestige. Companies like Apple are able to command a higher price for their products due to being an industry leader (having reputation and prestige). A well-known business author is able to command a higher price on their sales ebook, versus a largely unknown author.

Marketing Mix for Websites: Right Place

Having the right product for the right place (website) naturally go together. However, beyond the content-product relationship, products also need to be located on a website where it is convenient and expected.

Placing a car catalog advertisement in the middle of a car review article is a convenient and appropriate place for the product. However, selling your sales ebook on a product page, that no other pages link to, will result in significantly fewer sales than what your website is capable. Instead, placing a link to you sales ebook product page in your table of contents, or in the middle of your sales-based content, will be convenient and appropriate for customers. If you turn your website into an ebook, then you should be offering your ebook at the bottom of every page of your website.

Marketing Mix for Websites: Right Promotion

The goal of promotion is to communicate the value of the product to your potential customers. You could have the best product in the world, but if your potential customers do not know about it or how it will benefit them, then the product will remain unsold.

Unless you are writing a sales page, then promotion may not play a huge role on your website. However, if you recommend a product related to your content, then the one sentence or picture used to recommend the product is your promotion. If you promote the product as mediocre or do not communicate how it will benefit them, then people are unlikely to buy it. However, your one sentence or picture could accomplish the four goals of AIDA: Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action all at once.

Article: The Marketing Mix

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