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Learn the essential tips to being successful at link exchange, as well as the best emails to use to request a link, followed by the 5 steps to successful link exchange.

Basics of Link Exchange

Getting links to your website from other reputable websites is the most important thing you can do to rank highly in search engine results and to get lots of website traffic. Even if your website is the best website in the world, it will rank poorly in search engines without these links.

Why? Because search engines like Google use these links as a signal for a site's authority.

The idea is simple: If a website has a bunch of links from other sites, then people must find the website valuable. And in reality, this is true. Websites like rank extremely high on Google because there are tons of links all over the internet leading to Wikipedia articles.

However, not all links are viewed equally. A link from a blog post may actually hurt your ranking with Google, whereas links from highly reputable sites will greatly increase your ranking. The reason why is because many bloggers used to abuse the system by creating a bunch of one page blogs pointing to their website.

The topic of the website matters too. If a dog website gets a link from a car website, it is unlikely to help either sites ranking.

First, if you want to submit your URL on Invest Grow Repeat, follow these steps:

In the form below, please follow these steps:

  1. Enter your email address (if you want to be notified of link exchange acceptance)
  2. Submit your Website URL
  3. Include the URL where you link to

Submit URL for Link Exchange

Note: Failure to provide a reciprocal link to will result in no link exchange. Link to on your website and provided the location URL in the reciprocal link box below. If you link to in the footer of your homepage as "Featured on Invest Grow Repeat" we will do likewise.

Important Reminder:

  • No Affiliate Links
  • Link to

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

An Analogy of Website Rankings: Popularity

If you think about each website as an actual person, imagine that each one has a certain level of popularity. If a guy with very low popularity says you are popular, would you believe him? Now if the most popular guy in school says he thinks you are popular, would you believe him?

This is essentially how Google views websites. If a site that is known by Google as being authoritative on a subject links to you, then it improves your own authority with Google, so you rank higher on that subject.

How to Get Natural Links

Google has updated their algorithm, so now there are only two primary ways of getting links that will improve your search ranking. The first method is syndicating content, which is more time-consuming, but it gives you access to otherwise unreachable websites high on Google's ranking. You can submit a guest post on Invest Grow Repeat and receive up to 5 links. The second method is what is discussed on this page: Link Exchange.

Link exchange is all about linking to a website in order attempt to receive a link from them. However, most people have found that it is difficult to get a response, not to mention an actual link. The following rules will help greatly increase your success rate at link exchange.

Rules of Link Exchange

The following are a few rules about sending emails to other webmasters.

Use BCC. If you want webmasters to respond to your email, you need to make it feel personalized. If they receive an email that has 50 email address in the TO section (or CC section), then they are unlikely to respond no matter how great your email is. Conversely, sending 50 individual emails can be time consuming, even if you are using the same basic message.

Instead, leave the TO section completely blank, and list your 50 email addresses in the BCC section, which stands for Blind Carbon Copy. Include your email address too, so you can see how it looks to your recipients. Each webmaster should receive an email with a blank TO section, so for all they know you sent it only to them.

If your email provider will not allow you to leave the TO section blank, then put your website email address (the one you are using to send this email) into the TO section, and put all the others in the BCC. Yes, you can actually email yourself by using the same email for the TO and FROM.

Be Personable. Use your name. You need to let them know you are a real person. You need to make a connection with them. If you don't want to use your own name, then give yourself an alias. You can either use your middle name, or just a name you have always wanted to be called. Either way, go with an actual name, not abbreviations or a funny nickname or business name.

If they respond to your email, they will likely give you a name. Use that name when you reply back! It will let them know you are paying attention to them as a person. You are not just some random webmaster trying to use others.

And really, you should be doing this to network with these people anyway. While they are your competition in search results, you are not competing directly with them. Building good relationships with your competition is not going to hurt your website. They are NOT going to steal your content. On the contrary, building good relationships with your competition HELPS your website.

Use Flattery. Getting responses to your emails begins with flattery. You need to complement them on all their hard work. You need to tell them that you think their content is valuable. If they think that you are only interested in using them, and have no appreciation of their years of effort, then they are unlikely to be interested in connecting with you. However, remember to be genuine.

Give Them Control. In the example message below, we ask the webmaster to provide a specific link from their website that they want us to link to. Many people will just respond with the link to their primary page, but asking for a specific link encourages a response for a few reasons.

First of all, you are giving the other webmaster control over what page they get to link to, which serves by itself as a simple gift to them. This simple gift of control will make them more willing to reciprocate your request for a link, although you may still have to ask for it.

Second, this comment implies that they need to respond in order for you to actually link to their site. At this point, you have not linked to their website, but you are indicating that you desire to do so once they give you their preferred link. If they do not respond to your email, then it is implied you will not be able to link to them.

Non-Aggressive Link Request. Rather than bluntly asking for a link at this point, instead you want to only mention the idea of them linking to your website. If they respond to your email, you can use other techniques to encourage getting a link to your site, and then you can actually ask for the link. It is also a good idea to tell them in your initial email that you are willing to write an entire review for their site, because this will encourage them to give you a link.

Why? First of all, they are unlikely to accept your offer for a review of their site, because if they do accept your offer then they know they will feel obligated to write a review for your site (which is time consuming). It is all about give and take. If you do something for them, they know they will feel obligated to do at least as much for you. Second, you are offering a time-consuming option (review) and a very simple option (link). They are normally more willing to take the simple option (just a link), because it gives them less obligation if you bluntly ask for a link in exchange.

Limit URLs. When you actually send the email, always try to limit the number of URLs (links) you include to two or less. If you send an email with five links (whether they be to your website or theirs), then you are unlikely to receive a response because it probably was caught by spam filters.

Keep it Short. One of the blank areas in the email below is for you to list a few topics that your website covers. Do not list more than 3 topics. Your email needs to be short and to-the-point. If you make it too long, people won't read it.

The following email is almost too long, so don't make it much longer.

Email Examples for Successful Link Exchange

The following email gets responses about 5% to 10% of the time, depending on the niche, which is HIGH for link exchanges. That's only 5 to 10 responses per 100 emails, which is why using BCC and sending out one mass email is ideal to save time. Here is the generic email:

Subject: Resource page


My name is NAME. I stumbled on your awesome website recently. Awesome work!

I have a website called SITE that goes in-depth on topics like TOPICS.

I think your website would be valuable to our visitors, and I would like to add it to my resource page located at RESOURCE PAGE URL

I am emailing you because I wanted to ask what specific url you would like us to link to. I would also be more than happy to write a review of your site on our blog for our visitors.

Maybe you could also link to my site. Either way, keep up the great work you’re doing. Thank you for your time!



Fill in the NAME, SITE, TOPICS, and RESOURCE PAGE URL blanks with your personalized information. This email intentionally uses variations of we, us, (plural) and my (singular) in order to imply that your website might involve more than one person, which can make you seem more reputable.

5 Steps to Successful Link Exchange

Step 1 to Successful Link Exchange

Create a Resource page on your website, and preferably make it visible on all pages by putting it in your website's navigation. Add at least 10 links to other websites you think are valuable and related to your topic.

You are adding these 10 links for two reasons: first of all, the links should actually benefit your visitors and be a valuable source of more information, and second you are creating a page for webmasters to visit to see that you actually do have a Resource page with other links of related content.

You can also include your own affiliate links on this page for your visitors. Do not include any links to the websites you are contacting, unless they respond to your attempts to make a link exchange.

Step 2 to Successful Link Exchange

Start a new email and place this generic email into the body (copy and paste it). Modify the email by filling in the CAPS sections with your own information. Keep it short. Once you have your email ready to send, you can start looking for email addresses to fill in the BCC section. Make the subject of the email "Resource page."


My name is NAME. I stumbled on your awesome website recently. Awesome work!

I have a website called SITE that goes in-depth on topics like TOPICS.

I think your website would be valuable to our visitors, and I would like to add it to my resource page located at RESOURCE PAGE URL

I am emailing you because I wanted to ask what specific url you would like us to link to. I would also be more than happy to write a review of your site on our blog for our visitors.

Maybe you could also link to my site. Either way, keep up the great work you’re doing. Thank you for your time!



Step 3 to Successful Link Exchange

Now you are ready to fill in the BCC with email addresses. Look up websites at by category. It is important to link with websites of a similar topic.

Alexa ranks all websites on the internet, based on traffic, so you can know how reputable each website is. You can also search your own website to see its ranking. Don't be surprised if your ranking is in the millions.

After you get into your sub-category, go to each website listed (starting at the top) and look for contact information on each site. Typically, it can be found in the "Contact Us" or "About Us" section, but you can also find it sometimes at the bottom of each site's page. If you find an email address, place it in the BCC section of your email. Then move on to the next website. If the email is a "mailto" link then simply right click the link and select the option to "Copy email address." Then paste it into the BCC of your email.

Depending on your email software, you will likely have to separate email addresses by a ";" (semicolon). For example, BCC:;;; and so on.

Some websites do not provide an email address, but they do provide a form to fill out. Taking the time to fill out this form is worth it, because all you have to do is copy and paste your already written email, and your chances of getting a response are a little higher. If the form requires a phone number, just put something generic like 888-888-8888 or even just 000-000-0000.

Step 4 to Successful Link Exchange

Once you have your email written and you have a list of 20 to 50 email address in the BCC section, you are ready to send the email. Don't be surprised if it takes a few days to get responses, but if you have followed the instructions above you should get some responses back.

Some webmasters may respond by saying they are happy to link to your website. Most webmasters will completely ignore your comment about linking to your site, instead only providing a link to their site.

Either way, they will probably thank you for your kind words.

What to do if they ignore you. If they completely ignore your suggestion of linking to your website, but they want you to link to theirs, then now is the time to ask for the link. However, first you will need to place their link at the top of your Resource page. Add a brief description of the website next to the link. This description benefits your visitors, and it should sound good so that the webmaster likes it too.

A second gift of VIP status. After you have placed their link at the top of your Resource page, you are going to give them another gift by giving them VIP status (Very Important Person). You will tell them that their website is so important that you placed it at the top. However, make sure to use the email model below because you don't want to sound artificial or fake. It is important that you sound genuine.

Now that you have been so nice as to give them VIP status, you can bluntly ask for the link and they will be very likely to say yes. Most people will refrain from saying no, because you have been so nice to them, so the only other option is for them to ignore you. However, they are also unlikely to ignore you since they have already responded once and opened up the conversation.

Note: They will likely give you a name in their first response. Use it! Continue to be personable by using their name in your response.

Thank you THEIR-NAME!

I have placed your link at the top of our Resource page as "LINK NAME WITH DESCRIPTION"

Is it possible for you to network with us by linking to our website as well at "YOUR-URL" ?

Thank you for your time!



What to do when they give you an excuse. Instead, they may give you an excuse, such as not being certain where to place your link or how your website applies to their content. No problem! Take the time to solve their problem. Figure out where a website link would fit into their content, and then suggest a few options. If you suggest a few options, they are more likely to choose one, because they do not want to be rude.

Although, remember to try to follow the "2 URLs rule." At the most, give 3 URL suggestions of which of your pages could be added to their website. For example, you might say that "THIS SPECIFIC URL would be a great fit for your page on TOPIC."

Using the online passive income page as an example, you might say:

"Our page at would be a great fit for your page on Making Money Online."

Step 5 to Successful Link Exchange

After you have gotten the link, save the URL where they linked to your website so you can make sure they don't delete it in the future. If you cannot find the link, you can ask them for the exact URL where they placed it.

You should also leave their link near the top of your Resource page, although it doesn't have to be the first link. Once your website starts getting a ton of traffic, you can readjust your Resources page to truly organize it based on the value you think it provides to your visitors.

However, do not delete any of the links from those who linked to you. If they discover you have deleted their link, then they may delete yours. If anything, you should continue to network with these webmasters.

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